Secure Staff logins for Email and 3Sys.

To pick up your school emails, click here then sign in with your usual Network login and password.

****You MUST enter Stoneygate\ before your usual username, ie Stoneygate\Joseph.Bloggs.****


To go to 3Sys, click here and sign in with your normal PASS login and password then click OK.


You can perform these actions from home or wherever you have access to a web browser such as Internet Explorer,

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.

A note of caution: If you ever use a computer accessible to the public, such as in an Internet Café, Public Library, Airport etc,

you MUST remember to log out, and delete any files you have downloaded BOTH FROM WHERE YOU SAVED IT TO,

AND from the Recycle bin. This doesn’t just apply to usage for school purposes, but whenever you use such a computer.